Design studio
22, rue Muller F 75018 Paris
Alice Gavin + Valentin Bigel
Groupe CCC is a group of designers and art directors operating from Paris.
The office is located 22, rue Muller F75018. @groupeccc
X Project title is a by for date
DISAPPEARING MUSICDesign identityFestivalParis2019
DISAPPEARING MISIC curated by Cyrus Goberville and Sidney Gerard at Latency
with Hanne Lippard, Low Jack (Philippe Halais), Lala &ce, Mobile Girl, Still, Covco, Bendik Giske in collaboration with Fiac Paris, Paris Internationale, Les Rendez-vous
Contemporains de l'Église Saint Merry.
Media partner: Novembre Magazine
Design by Alice Gavin at Groupe CCC
BRNOContributiongraphic design festival29th edition2019
" Dear Alice and Valentin

You may or may not know the Moravian Gallery, organiser of Brno Biennial, has no plans to host its next edition in 2020 (and possibly beyond). The Brno Biennial existed continuously since 1963 — and sure, things change, nothing is forever.

We* however thought that it would be a shame to let it end so quietly and decided we could create an alternative reality 29th Brno Biennial 2020. We spoke with IDEA magazine and they generously offered pages within their next issue alongside their report of the Fikra graphic design Biennial 01.

Our question is then: would you design a poster for the 29th International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno 2020?

The brief is very open but its disappearance or the creation of an alternative space time continuum (think anything from quantum physics to Back to the Future) are one possible strand.

We cannot offer any monetary compensation and would understand the time pressure as the deadline to get the files to the magazine is the looming 20 May 2019. All we can say is that by creating the full page poster/images in IDEA we can possibly make it happen.

What do you say?

Thank you,
Radim Pesko, åbäke, Sofie Dederen and Madoka Nishi (IDEA)"
A project by Alice Gavin and Valentin Bigel at Groupe CCC

Sulki & Min, åbäke, David Pons & Lissana Jouret, Bibliomania: Alexandru Balgiu & Olivier Lebrun, Zak Group, Radim Peško, Tamara Maletic / Linked by Air, Aaron Nieh, Laura Pappa & Elisabeth Klement, Noviki: Katarzyna Nestorowicz & Marcin Nowicki, Shin Akiyama, Alice Gavin & Valentin Bigel at Groupe CCC, Alyssia Lou, LPPL, Katja Gretzinger, In the shade of a tree: Sophie Demay & Maël Fournier-Comte, Jon Sueda & chris hamamoto, Jean-Claude Chianale, Na Kim, Kazunari Hattori, Mevis & van Deursen, Betsy Bickle, Pinar&Viola, Wayne Daly & Shumon Basar, Dan Eatock, Ryan Gander with Zbigniew Zuławski
Satellite 12Visual identityJeu de PaumeThe New Sanctuary2019
"The New Sanctuary" proposes newly commissioned works by artists Julie Béna, Ben Thorp Brown and Daisuke Kosugi.
The New Sanctuary
Satellite 12 : une proposition de Laura Herman
from 12 February 2019
until 12 January 2020
Concorde, Paris

photography by Lucas Grisinelli
Computer GRRRLSVisual identityGaité LyriqueGaité Lyrique2019
Curator: Marie Lechner
Tunica MagazineContributionTunica studioIssue 72019
"Extended Fantasy"
a 6 pages contribution

Alice Gavin at Groupe CCC, design
Chloe Nour, photography
Jamie-Maree Shipton, style
Jake Gallagher, hair
Megumi Matsuno, make-up
Donnika, Elija, Charlotte, models

For some of the pictures thanks to Panama Papers.
Groupe CCC is proud to annonce the rebranding of DDP — that will start spreading in 2019.
It is a particularly cheerful project for the design studio as all members used to wear the ‘yellow’ brand when kids.

DDP produced a huge quantity of images since the 90’s that Groupe CCC considered as a visual inheritance to rehabilitate, in addition to the new vision of the image of the brand.

DDP used to be the first Street Wear Brand in France - domain that has being reconfigured since luxury codes came mix with street culture. In that context, it’s about making DDP contemporary and neat again by having also in mind the popular aspect of a brand designed for the whole family.

Even though the studio borrowed some bits of DDP’s before to create the new art direction, no rewind towards the past has been directly done as retro-maniacs intentions don’t belong to the future (we think).

Starting in 2019, DDP will express itself using vibrant POP elements in a Brutalist context. It’s the tension created by the use of those both graphic worlds that Groupe CCC shows interest into.

All pre-existing figures such as Egg Man or Evil Egg have been redesigned by making their aspect more naive and striking at the same time with the use of simplified forms. Upstrokes and curves that belonged to the 90’s have disappeared. Plain colors are manifest and all figures are B&W. Egg Minette has lost her pony tail to become a more open representation of non binary feminities.
The multiplicity of all visual productions spread out with humour or even a bit of slight insolence sometimes like it genuinely used to be.

In a certain will of continuity, Groupe CCC re-designed the iconic oval logo by staying true to some identifical aspects: the oval and the slant. The font has been re-shaped, the curves and the spacing are now harmonised in order to get rid of the old fashion digital aspect it used to have. The font is fresh enough to re-integrate the brand into our time as a natural outcome.

The visual guidelines plays with a design system of variations of forms shifting from B&W and colors versions of the same elements.
For instance, the B&W version of the logo is the black oval.
When the logo turns into colors, it becomes a yellow rond including the black oval in the middle.
The absence of stroke make the round disappear when the logo is used on a plain yellow.
Despite the influence of digital standards and interfaces on forms to adapt to formats (such as avatars), the tricks of colors-background-shape opens up a huge spectre of possibilities for DDP to explore in the future.

As DDP wishes to travel worldwide — especially in Asia, Groupe CCC’s approach to defining fonts was: to what extend can we create the same type based images weither it’s latin letters or mixed logographic and syllabaries?
The fonts in use have been genuinely designed for logographic languages. The slightly typographical disequilibrium — as well as the small accidental irregularities due to non-latin initial conception of the characters — highly participate to creating displacement of goofy intentions within a sleek atmosphere.

The full new art direction will be released for Spring 2019. Yet, Groupe CCC already produced special designs such as visuals for Neith Nyer & DDP. Special stickers were designed to pre-announce that collaboration in Novembre Magazine. The studio played around with linking cracked eggs melting as much as possible on all possible surfaces to announce the first fashion show of DDP at the end of February 2019.

Groupe CCC is looking forward to reveal what’s up coming over the year !
Novembre Magazineart directionNovembreIssue 132018
We are thrilled to announce the upcoming issue of Novembre Magazine art directed by us.
Novembre Magazine is an independant publication about art practise, fashion, beauty and innovation.
Since the last few issues of Novembre Magazine had been images only and the magazine turned out to be closer to photographer’s portfolios and artists contributions, Groupe CCC intervention was about bringing back the idea of graphic design.
Credits and special guests titles turned into types specially designed.
Each of the 75 contributors got a personal logo created for the occasion.
As it was a Spring Summer issue, they also designed flowers made out of elements cropped from the fonts of the magazine—which sometimes are melting with text.
The whole idea was to create images using fonts (as much as pictures)
The magazine stayed true to its essence: the use of no grids creating a layout on the edge of an intentional chaos as well as a beautiful balance.
The cover is made out of a shiny transparent plastic over-cover that allows the reader to get rid of branding. There’s also a special limited edition with a font based visual—this is the first time Novembre Magazine went for a font cover!
Art direction: Groupe CCCINCL. Alice Gavin + Valentin Bigel
Creative direction: Florence Tétier + Jeanne-Salomé Rochat
Fashion direction: Georgia Pendlebury
Assisted by Kim Alaux

Multiple covers with Image Group, Buck Ellisson, Bozella the Clown, Torbjørn Rødland, Mae Elvis Kaufma, Paz de la Huerta by Nicolas Coulomb & Florence Tétier

6 covers by Image Group, Buck Ellison, Mae Elvis Kaufman, Nicolas Coulomb, Bozella the Clown, Torbjørn Rødland️️️️
Words by Daniel Feinberg chosen by Sylvie Fleury
There’s a special limited edition of over-covers by Groupe CCC with words by Daniel Fenberg chosen by Sylvie Fleury.
Special guest of that issue is artist Sylvie Fleury

Get it:
Video by Ethan Assouline using elements designed by Groupe CCC
Music by Ssaliva (Collapsing Market)
Art direction by Florence Tétier, Jeanne-Salomé Rochat

Pictures by Léonard Méchineau
Overviewlogo selectionVarious2015-2019
A selection of logos we designed still in use and we like a lot

Neith Nyer (2019)
Filaf (2019)
Twin Brains (2018)
Le Carré d'Aubusson (2018)
by Alice Gavin

Filaf (2017)
Léonard Méchineau (2018)
NF—34 (2018)
Hotel Radio Paris (2015)
Zelda Passini Jewellery (2017)
by Valentin Bigel, Alice Gavin
Y/ProjectfontFrançois QuillacY/Project2018
We turned Y/Project gigantic boots into a font specifically designed for the series How to wear AW18 ?
font design, Groupe CCC — Alice Gavin
Photographer, François Quillac

Assistant @semihbeyazkilic
Style by @laetitiagimenez
Make-up by @cecileparavina
prod @al_revereau.
Models @victor_franz @idrysrhodes @bebershka @ninihuli @angydzogang
CobrafontStudioGroupe CCC2015

Cobra has been designed at the same time as, a website for artist Eve Chabanon. As you can print the whole website, we designed a font that would connect digital and print; it feels like the font had been printed with a broken machine while it’s actually used on internet. It's an attempt to connect both realities (internet and paper).
Design by Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel, Alice Gavin, Nicolas Garner)
ZPart directionZelda PassiniS192018
New campaign for jewellery maker Zelda Passini—it's a mix of glass and silver material for season S19.
Jewellery @zeldapassini
art direction Alice Gavin at Groupe CCC
photography @francoisquillacq
model @bottedequeer
make-up @cecileparavina
hair @yoann_jg
style @winniemorielly
light @jazfenestre
Twin BrainslogoTwin BrainsTwin Brains2018
New logo for Twin Brains a canadian film production house based in Tokyo.
unseparable merch
Design by Alice Gavin at Groupe CCC
Carré d'AubussonlogoCité Internationalede la Tapisserie Aubusson2018
Cité Internationale de la tapisserie in Aubusson has been rehabilitated a few years ago as a museum promoting age-old craftsmanship in tapestries.
They are also editors—we have designed the logo of the new contemporary art department.
Artists to be revealed soon this year. An exhibition is on the way too.

Design, Groupe CCC (Alice Gavin)
Curator, Mathieu Buard
Biennale de LyonlogoBiennale de Lyon(LA)HORDE2018
Collective of artist and choregraphers (La) Horde had been given a wild card by Lyon Dance Biennale as special guests for this 2018 edition. They are also in charge with visual communication. To complete the art direction they’ve constituted, they asked us to design 40 logos for the 40 cies and artists invited this year.
Lyon Dance Biennale made a wall paper out of them and it was printed and used as backgrounds for the photoshoot of the campaign. There will also appear on photocalls around town in September 18.
Art direction, (LA)HORDE
Photographer, Tom de Peyret
Graphic design, Marie Gatti
Logos, Groupe CCC (Alice Gavin + Valentin Bigel)
Post prod, Artifices Paris
OverviewWorkshopsArt schools2013-2019
École Duperré Paris
DSAA 2 Fashion Images media & editorial

Groupe CCC got given a wild card to escort the group of students through graduation mid June while they are already in the process of self-criticism and authorship. Over 2019, the studio acts as godmothers-godfathers and its role consists on adding good fairy content.
Taking into consideration that showing one’s work remains the most complex exercice (we think) whether it’s by doing a lecture, or a casual talk around a cup of coffee, as well as a corpo pdf presentation around the negotiating table,
we decided to invite 26 art workers in the most contradictory possible ways: super young people in the process of starting to work, mature workers from public or private cultural institutions, independent creatives as well as writers or critics … — all evolving in the field of art or fashion.

Invited guests
Silvia Bianchi, Geff pellet (Large Studio), Boris Camaca (Télévisions magazine), Io Burgard, Monica Carroquino (Casa Encendida), Ilan Begarin, Pierre Dufresnes, Florent Martini (Panama Papers), Clotilde Viannay (l’Incroyable Magazine), Marine Brutti, Arthur Harel, Johnathan, (LA)HORDE, Nicolas Garner, Éléonore Joulin, Judith Pouzin, Maud Pouzin
(Manifeste11), Christelle Oyiri (Crystalmess), Alexis Bondoux, Romain Coppin (Messgewand), Wendy Andreu, Ndayé Kouagou, Antoine Stevenot, Manon Bruet (Spassky Fischer), Tuukka Laurila (The Community), Maryline Vallez (BPI Centre Pompidou), Franciso Terra (Neith Nyer).

Partipants were
Louis Calot, Anna Castellano, Capucine Choque, Lucas Dubosque, Arno Fascione, Florian Gauthiero, Angèle Mecquinion, Thomas Santos, Dararith Sieng, Valentin Vie Binet, Léa Ware.


École Duperré Paris
DSAA 2 Fashion Images media & editorial
Catalogue des diplômes 2017

Partipants were
Louis Calot, Anna Castellano, Capucine Choque, Lucas Dubosque, Arno Fascione, Florian Gauthiero, Angèle Mecquinion, Thomas Santos, Dararith Sieng, Valentin Vie Binet, Léa Ware.


École Duperré Paris
DSAA 2 Fashion Images media & editorial

Ce workshop ne pourrait avoir aucun retour sur investissement.
Il commencera avec une discussion, qui pourrait devenir un débat sans fin: de vérité(s) provisioire(s) en manifeste(s). L’action dépendra de votre réaction.

Participants were
Eulalie Thébault, Thibault Sarny, Kévin Rosa, Anaïs Mesmacques, Sullivan Martin, Dylan Guzowski, Clementine Dean, Andrew Dussert, Jonathan Haddad, Pierre-Louise Lovera et Thomas Bricout.

Thanks to
Simon Asensio et Adriano Wilfert Jensen from Galerie
Raphaël Bastide


École Duperré Paris
DSAA 2 Fashion Images media & editorial

The students were invited to participate to a project we got commissioned in the meantime by L’Incroyable Magazine.
We were given a wild card to produce a series of images for the next issue on american artist Jim Shaw and one of his project: OISM, a cult he created — wildly criticizing american culture.
We asked those students to be the first members.
Over 5 days, they produced the iconography of that cult as if we were creating its Google image. Their production was ranging from corporate logos and signs, to TV shows, objects of cult, the writing of its mythology, a hotline, #, etc…
Our contribution is available in the magazine and you can support the truth by ordering some Oists productions they did.

Participating students
Béranger Pelc, Morgane Nicolas, Antoine Grulier, Mariana Masse, Antoine Nicol, Capucine Raoul, Clémence Vignalou, Pauline Comte, Léa Hybre, Ishani Bakaya, Rémi Moreau, Aline Le Pennec.




Fondation 93 Montreuil

Manifeste011art directionManifeste011Manifeste0112018
Manifeste011 is the first sustainable and vegan fashion store located in Paris XIe.

Manifeste011 is a project created by Maud and Judith Pouzin.
Big thanks to Léonard Méchineau for the first campaign images.

groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel + Alice Gavin + Léo Gauttier + Pierre Garnier)
direction artistique
identité visuelle numérique
design graphique
web developpement (front-end + back-end)
Extramentaledigital identityJulia MarchandExtramentale2017 is run by curator Julia Marchand. The project focuses on the period of teenagehood. Extramentale is a project space and it does organise exhibitions, as well as it operates as a media with essays you can read online.(Since 2016)

Extramentale is a curatorial and editorial platform, founded by Julia Marchand in 2016. Striving upon darkness as a revealing journey, its program apprehends the real through the lens of adolescence, that is, the realm of extremes and « primaverism », of deformed entities and ambiguous relationships to peers and predecessors.

groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel + Alice Gavin + Pierre Garnier)
digital visual identity
graphic design
web developpement (front-end + back-end)

logo design and posters by Côme de Bouchony
ZPart directionZelda PassiniSS182017
After collaborating on several collections with jewellery designer Zelda Passini, we thought it was about time to design a new logo for her.

We also worked on her visual identity at large, including her new website.
SS18 campaign images had been brought up teaming up with Léonard Méchineau and Ethan Assouline.

Art direction, identity, website, images : groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel + Alice Gavin)
photography : Léonard Méchineau
video : Ethan Assouline
styling : Lu Philippe Guilmette
beauty Yinn
models Kamilya Kuspanova + Alexia Cayre
merci à Nina Charlotte
Krysle LipAlbum coverKrysle LipKrysle Lip2018
Krysle Lip is a musican you should keep an eye on.
We've been long time collaborators image wise.

2018 Kings of dreams LP
art directon and design by Groupe CCC (Alice Gavin + Valentin Bigel) :
album cover
font design
web site
Art directon : Groupe CCC

2015 Intravenous Therapy EP
art directon by Michèle Lamy
design by Groupe CCC (Alice Gavin + Valentin Bigel + Aurélia Dezambuja)
album cover
font design
web site
Les MinibooksL'IncroyableClotilde Viannay2017
Les Mini comes after L’Incroyable Magazine as its obvious outcome. Each book is a conversation with an artist or a duet about their teenagehood—that tends to make connections with their practice as adult and artists.
₿ € BUY BOOKS $ £

1 Les Incroyables Alain Della Negra & Koari Kinoshita
2 Les Incroyables Arnaud & Bertrand Dezoteux

Un projet de Clotilde Viannay
Design by Groupe CCC — Alice Gavin + Valentin Bigel:
identité graphique
maquette originale
site internet
Inventeurs d'Aventuresvisual identityL'École(s) du SudGaël Charbau2017
We got invited to design the visual identity of a series of 5 exhibition of contemporary art — website, logo, posters, exhibition signage…

Inventeurs d’Aventures is a cycle of 5 exhibitions curated by Gaël Charbau. It promotes young artists who graduated from art schools from South of France.

Considering the number of artists involved (over 40), the number of exhibitions, the number of schools, of cities and of exhibitions venues we’d have to write down, we thought we’d have to make things easy.

The logo of all exhibitions is the central element for all visual elements. All infos go around it. Only the number of the exhibition varies over time.
Curators: Gaël Charbau assisted by Aurélie Faure
Inventeurs d'Aventures is a project by l'École(s) du Sud, réseau des écoles supérieures d’art de la région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur et de Monaco

Art-O-rama F 13000 Marseille (aug 2017)
Villa Arson F 06000 Nice (oct 2017)
Ballet National de Marseille F 13000 Marseille (dec 2017 & jan 2018)

groupe CCC — Alice Gavin + Valentin Bigel + Pierre Garnier + Léo Gauttier:
visual identity
graphic design
exhibition signage
web design
web development (front-end + back-end)
Poetic? Poétique?bookJean Boîte ÉditionsBernar Venet2017
Poétic? Poétique ? is the bilingual anthology 1967-2017 of all poems ever written by artist Bernar Venet and it’s edited by Jean Boîte Éditions. The book confronts english and french by presenting both languages on each spread. It’s all about translation issues, displacements and equivalences.
Poetic? Poétique ? Anthologie 1967-2017 by Bernar Venet
foreword by Christian Bernard
with an essay by Mathieu Copeland
with an essay by Veronique Perriol
extra corpus of poems available on UbuWeb
L’ensemble est complété par la mise à disposition d’un corpus inédit de poèmes sonores de l’artiste sur UbuWeb.

Bilingual French & English, 225 mm x 290 mm, 350 pages
ISBN 978-2-36568-015-8

Design by Groupe CCC — Alice Gavin, Valentin Bigel, Aurore Kinzonzi
An American HerowebsitePhilippe HallaisLow Jack2017
The new album of Philippe Hallais (Low Jack) will be out June 9th on Modern Love (UK)
Meanwhile, we compiled a website with Ethan assouline's videos for that special album : An American Hero

The website gathers samples of each tracks of the album with a series of small videos for each of them.
It tells the story of that american (sportive) hero and all the crazy beautiful drama of his destiny — like the narrative of the multiple ESPN documentaries.
An american Hero a project by Philippe Halais
Images by Ethan Assouline
Digital identity by Groupe CCC — Valentin Bigel, Alice Gavin, Aurore Kinzonzi)
PR by Julie Gamberoni
Filafvisual identityFilafFilaf 72017
Filaf stands for festival Internation du Livre d'Art et du Film, Perpignan.

design, Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel + Alice Gavin)
Libros MutantesexhibitionCasa EncendidaBpi Centre Pompidou2017
Atlas — Graphisme Now #2 was a collective exhibition.
It gave a selection of independant graphic design in France: cultural posters, books and magazines. (2017)
Selected posters: Géométrie Variable and LFO
Selected book: Against Translation by Kenneth Goldsmith edited by Jean Boîte Éditions

We also gave a lecture, we discussed: internet, tools, creating tools, (digital) working environnement; the meaning of collaboration, groups of collaboration, groups of friends, groups of works.

Curators, Côme de Bouchony, Marc Armand, Maryline Vallez for French Institute (Madrid) and BPI-Centre Pompidou (Paris).

Thanks LM team: Silvia Bianchi, Monica Carroquino, Ricardo Juárez, Joana Carro.
21 - 23 April 2017
Casa Encendida, Madrid

Groupe CCC as Alice Gavin and Valentin Bigel
Meta Propaganda 3exhibitionNRMALMexico2017
NRMAL is music festival in Mexico.

We were invited to contribute to an exhibition of posters with 30 other graphic designers for NRMAL 2017.

It’s a flag gathering a community of an instant —of people— with the same interest— here, it's music.
It’s then about format, standardisation and supremacy; the twist of "mp3" becoming "Meta Propaganda (3)".
It’s potentially about the possibility of consciousness toward our political and social context (via internet).
Design by Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel, Alice Gavin)
Curator: Mauro Bonillo
dansepostinternet.comwebsite(LA)HORDEGaité Lyrique2017
(LA)HORDE is a collective of artists and choregraphers experimenting danse questions on and off internet. They invited us to work on with them after we created gathers home-made videos filmed by amateurs dancers—including so called subculture danses such as jumpstyle, hardcore… It is a massive community made of many sub communities worldwide that talk over Youtube.

They were so many complicated questions for all of us such as:
Is there the necessity of such a tool as those communities are already organized? If so, how can this tool help? How can this website be moderated by its own community to stay autonomous? Is it reappopriation? (in the context of the website being produced by an art institution)?

To get some answers, (LA)HORDE organized a series of lectures at Gaité Lyrique we were part of after the first version was exhibited — Just enough time for us to meet artists, journalists, dansers, etc… in order to get closer to something that would feel right.

A second version of will be released this fall (2018).

A project by (LA)HORDE in collaboration with Groupe CCC
Produced by Gaîté Lyrique (Paris)
Curator Marie Lechner
Design by Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel, Alice Gavin, Pierre Garnier)

Read more about the lectures at Gaité Lyrique (French)

crédits photo: Vinciane Lebrun-Verguethen — Voyez-vous
DRY #1revueStudioGroupe CCC2016
DRY est une philosophie en programmation informatique qui consiste à éviter la redondance de code au travers de l’ensemble d’une application afin de faciliter la maintenance, le test, le débugage et les évolutions de cette dernière.

DRY rassemble des références éditoriales et des notes du studio.

Le volume 1 indexe une collection d’ouvrages dont la mise en page inclut une relative navigation dans le temps.

(more soon…)
160x240mm, 48 pages, dos carré-collé, isbn 978-2-9558766-1-9, douze euros
Un projet de Groupe CCC — Valentin Bigel & Alice Gavin

Commander ici:
salo-club.comwebsiteManifestoSalò2016 is a website we designed for the opening of the club in Paris.
Every week the club invites an new artist for a 3 days takeover.
digital art direction: Groupe CCC — Valentin Bigel & Alice Gavin
web development: Timothée Rolin & Gabriel Paquin
commissioned by Manifesto
web content includes photos by Tom de Peyret
Thanks Marine Brutti
L’Incroyable Jim ShawwebsiteL’Incroyable MagazineClotilde Viannay2016
We had fun designing the website of the second issue of L’Incroyable Magazine (amongst our image contribution to the magazine) L’Incroyable Jim Shaw.

Web design: Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel & Alice Gavin)
L’Incroyable magazine is a project by Clotilde Viannay.
Editor-in-chief: Clotilde Viannay
Original design: My-Lan Hoang-Thuy and Thomas Bizzarri
Font illustrations: My-Lan Hoang-Thuy
Cards game: Pierre Vanni
photos: Mathilde Agius :
groupeccc.comlaunchStudioGroupe CCC2016
We launched our new website at 22RUEMULLER — Thanks for coming.

Against TranslationbookJean Boîte ÉditionsKenneth Goldsmith2016
Against Translation is a book of eight books by poet and writer Kenneth Goldsmith. It’s an essay against translation translated into eight languages, each book being a different version of the original English text.
Design by Groupe CCC — Alice Gavin, Valentin Bigel, Aurélia De Azambuja.
Multilangual — Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. 288 pages over 8 books, 140 x 100 mm, hardcover, perfect binding, hardcover box.
Edited by Jean Boîte Éditions.

1st Launch at FILAF, F - Perpignan, in June 16
2nd Launch at New York Art Book Fair 16, USA - Nyc, in September 2016
3rd Launch at Yvon Lambert, F - Paris, in October 2016
Déjà la fin?visual idcie La RumeurUsine Hollander2016
We designed visuals and various document to communicate on a theater play.
Design by Groupe CCC—Valentin Bigel, Aurélia de Azambuja

Poster that turns into folded program 594 x 851 mm
Invitation cards 84 x 55 mm
Flyer, 100 x 150 mm
homologues.xyzwebsite22ruemullerGroupe CCC2016 is a non-commercial project with the aim to map non-profit art spaces or similar independant initiatives in cities worldwide. is a self-administrated website.

All spaces represented there result from invitations sent from other spaces — previously invited as well.

Design by Groupe CCC — Valentin Bigel and Alice Gavin.
Tout Graphisme!workshopCentre Georges PompidouStudio 13/162014
Studio 13/16, a space for teenagers at Centre Pompidou, dedicated a month of workshops on graphic design: Tout graphisme !.
Amongst being part of one of them on making posters: Le Hasard fait bien les choses , we were also approached to materialized a full month of other workshops and to deal with the archive of all productions made.

We developed a website that would turned images produced by the teenagers during the various workshops into digital posters.
They were randomly generated using various image libraries: graphic elements from others designers organizing workshops, fonts, various infos, and mostly the productions from the teenagers.

It was then screened in an installation we produced in the window of the studio — it also combined instructions and explanations over big posters we designed as well.

To enlarge the spectre of possibilities, we gathered posters from others designers and we organized a wild exhibition within the space.
Groupe CCC (Alice Gavin, Valentin Bigel, David Robayo) in full collaboration with Louise Duneton


Posters exhibition included: Adulte Adulte, Alexis Jacob, Amélie Carpentier, Akatre, Thomas Bizzari & Alain Rodriguez, Caroline Gamon, Darius Ou Dahao, Formes Vives, Florent Dégé, Frédéric Teschner, Golgotha, groupe CCC x La Ville rayée, Jérémy Piningre, Large, Louise Duneton, M/M paris, Office ABC, Open Source Publishing, Pauline Barzilaï, Raphaël Garnier, Simon Whybray, S-y-n-d-i-c-a-t, Tanguy Wermelinger, Théophile Calot, Théo Mercier, Spassky-Fischer, Pierre Vanni, Vier5, VLF.

G.bodyworkwebsiteÈve ChabanonBalmoral2016
We designed a website that is actually a tool. It organizes various content of archives like texts, notes and different level of images.

The whole point is you can print it and turn it into a DIY book. The layout adapts weither it’s a web use or when it turns into a Pdf for print.

It was commissioned by Artist Ève Chabanon to go along a workshop she did with students from At. Carrosserie (bodywork) in Aubervilliers. The students added a request and asked us to design the logo of their workshop.

Design by Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel + Alice Gavin)
ONSAlbum coverGaspar ClausGaspar Claus2016
Gaspar Claus invited us to give a visual identity to one of his project: the recording of One Night Stand #1 — Brooklyn, a gig over one night with many of his musicians friends and collaborators.

Design by Groupe CCC: Valentin Bigel + Alice Gavin
groupe OOOfontStudioGroupe CCC2015
SEARCH is the result of Douglas Coupland’s research while in residency at Google Cultural Institute in Paris.

Coupland gave Google employees a thousand words and ­phrases, and they returned with the 100 most common search queries for each during the month of February.

We designed a script to be able to deal with so much data — among the art direction and the design of the book. As Google search engine only uses lowercases, there's only one capital letter hidden somewhere by the author.
Design by Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel, Alice Gavin, Pierre Garnier):
art direction
processing tool

When Coupland is having his talk and when he's showing THAT book

English, 1028 pages, 360 x 230 mm, hardcover, perfect binding.
Edited by David Desrimais for Google Cultural Institute.
Presented at Google Cultural Institute PAris (May 15)
AswamDamimageJohan AchermannAswamDam2015
We were commissioned a series of images to define the visual vocabulary of an upcoming footwear brand.
Digital images (5)

Design by Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel + Alice Gavin)
Hotel Radio Parisvisual identityHotel Radio ParisHotel Radio Paris2016
Hotel Radio Paris is web radio that started at 22, rue Muller next to our studio in Paris 75018.
We used turned the website into a ‘big clock’; it goes pinker and pinker more time passes by as an visual indicator alike the old 'on air'—of course you can listen to the radio live and listen backs to past shows or search through the library of artists and Djs.
Art Direction and design by Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel, Alice Gavin, Pierre Garnier)
logo hotel®
Web design
back-end development
(LA)HORDE is a collective of artists and choregraphers working with and about internet.

We were commissioned to define their visual identity by creating their website. We played with the idea that news, casting ads, press and socials should be visible just like their productions as they all exist under the same tool that is also their main topic (internet).

Design by Groupe CCC { Valentin Bigel, Alice Gavin, Pierre Garnier
art direction
front-end development
back-end development
#artselfiebookJean Boîte ÉditionsDis2014
#artselfie emerged in 2012, right as the recent photographic phenomenon known as the selfie reached its tipping point. It was subsequently activated by New York based collective DIS, as an aggregated mode of art-tourism and documentation.
The book includes an introduction by Douglas Coupland author of Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture and ruthless observer of contemporary society and a discussion between Simon Castets director of the Swiss Institute in New York and co-founder of the 89+ project and DIS.
The layout was built with a continuous flow of pictures all along the essays and the conversation of the authors.
Bilingual English/ French, 128 pages, 167 mm x 240 mm, hardcover.
Edited by Jean Boîte Éditions for Coll. FOLLOW ME, Collecting Images Today.
Launched at Swiss Institude, USA-NYC, in Mar 15.
Launched at Galerie Yvon Lambert, FR-Paris, in Oct 14.
Design by Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel + Alice Gavin + David Robayo)

Design by Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel, Alice Gavin, David Robajo)
Conversations PiecesbookPalais de TokyoKarin Schlageter2014
Conversation Pieces is a series of little books created by curator Karin Schlageter while in residency at Pavillon Neuflize OBC.
It’s a series of conversations she leads with an invited guest per book.
The reading is organized with a page per speaker — playing with a reading going through spreads where blanks mean silence when it’s time to listen to the one talking.
French — 48 pages over 3 editions, 280 x 120 mm, staple binding.
Edited by Pavillon Neuflize OBC residency, Palais de Tokyo.
Exhibited in 100 ans Plus Tard at Palais de Tokyo, FR-Paris, June 2014.
© Aurélien Mole, 2014 — for some of the visuals of the exhibition.

Design by Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel, Alice Gavin, Marion Arhnem)
ABdlRvideocie La RumeurUsine Hollander2012
We directed a video for theater/dance play Au Bord de la Route screened on stage with comedians.

2012-2013 : Usine Hollander, F — Choisy-le-Roi
2014 : Festival d’Avignon Off, F — Avignon
Géométrie VariablepostersSuper Window Project GalleryLa Ville Rayée2013
Series of 55 unique posters with infos twisted all along their own cuts to announce an exhibition in Reims.
Design by Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel + Alice Gavin) in collaboration with group of architecture La Ville Rayée:

55 unique posters with various cut-outs, 1760 X 900 mm, Cmyk, digital prints.

Commissionned by Super Window Project Gallery for exhibition Géométrie Variable at Domaine Les-Crayères, Reims - 2013
Collectif Sin ~poster22ruemullerEncorencore2012
The poster had been designed to announce the opening of a series of events by the collective of curators EncorEncore. It was a 2-days-experimental-gig by members of Collectif Sin ~ Flavien Berger, Gaspar Claus, Quentin Kool, Robin Lachenal + their guests Eat Gas and Colin Johnco — playing interpretations of raga.
Digital image
500 x 707 mm, screen prints, 2 colors, 50 copies.

Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel + Alice Gavin)
KXACart directionAndrea CrewsKrypt World2013
Special capsule collection : Krypt World X Andrea Crews.
Art direction by Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel + Alice Gavin)
flag design (9 x 2 m)

Photography by Babette Pauthier

Coomissionned by
Playlist March 13imageDazed&Confused MagazineDazed Digital2013
We were commissioned an image to go along one of Dazed Playlists'.

Groupe CCC (Alice Gavin + Valentin Bigel)
Tower Ep I - IIvisual identityEarnest EndeavoursYoung Gutted2014
We designed a series of Ep covers for London based record Label Earnest Endeavours.

The identity results from a system using a font hijacked by inserting characters from the logo we designed for Yung Gutted.

Augmented version of W-Droge by OSP

Groupe CCC (Alice Gavin + Valentin Bigel)
evechabanon.comwebsiteÈve ChabanonÈve Chabanon2015
Eve Chabanon is a performative artist and theorist. The question was: how can we make immaterial work visible ? as well as: how can we give samples of her writtings and how not to frighten people at first sight with a tsunami of text ?
This is our answer: the main page is a grid made of out of exhibition cards (one per project) you can select in order to create a sur-mesure PDF. The layout had been designed in order to get a pdf-ready-to-print to read confortably at home or at the office as if it was a DIY A4 book.

by Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel, Alice Gavin, Pierre Garnier)
Graphic design
Front-end development
Back-end development
RumeurfontCie La RumeurABdlR2012

2012 — 1st edition
2014 — 2nd edition

Design by Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel, Alice Gavin, Victorien Soufflet)
TheorybookJean Boîte ÉditionsKenneth Goldsmith2015
Kenneth Goldsmith’s Theory offers a reading of the contemporary world: 500 texts – from poems and musings to short stories – printed on 500 pages assembled in the form of a ream of paper edited by Jean Boîte Éditions. It’s all about verities, counter verities and notes about our contemporary world—mainly about internet. (2015)
Design, Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel + Alice Gavin)
English and French version, 500 pages, 210 x 297 mm, assembled in a ream of paper, inner poster.
Edited by Jean Boîte Éditions.
Launched at Galerie Yvon Lambert, FR-Paris, in Apr 15.
© Rebecca Fanuele, 2016 — for some of the visuals of the limited edition.
QSBlogoQuaker Street BowlVery Heavy Products2012
Quaker Street bowl is an indoor skate bowl built in London E1.
The building is now down as well as the bowl.

Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel + Alice gavin)
OPSHfontTerence TehOn Plate Still Hungry2013
We designed a font as the main element of the visual identity of a website.
Each character has been designed with two different wides. The variation goes when using either lowercases or uppercases.

We were also commissionned some animated extras.
Hyper GeographybookJean Boîte ÉditionsJoe Hamilton2013
Designed for screens and most popular on the Internet, Hyper Geography is an arrangement of images that immerses us in a digital and mental landscape, designed to be repeated ad infinitum.
The book has been designed with a side being a monumental landscape. Pages are not to be turned anymore but unfold over four meters long, like the map of an unexplored world. The other side of it is an essay displayed in 2 languages and readable as a casual book.
Bilingual English/ French, 48 pages, 240 mm x 4000 mm, Leporello, 24 folds, 48 spreads, hardcover, perfect binding.
Edited by Jean Boîte Éditions for Coll. FOLLOW ME, Collecting Images Today.
Launched at Galerie Yvon Lambert, FR-Paris, in Oct 14.
Launched at Institute of Modern Art, AU-Brisbane, in Nov 14.


Graphic design: Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel + Alice Gavin + Marion Arhnem)
Air De ParisfontGalerie Air de ParisGalerie Air de Paris2010
Air De Paris commissioned a poster in 2010 and we played around with a rainbow design of letters. Since then, they asked us to adapt it either for a poster or a lettering for an exhibition at the gallery.
2010 — 1st edition : Independant New York
2013 — 2nd edition : Exhibition Arthur Rainbow at Galerie Air De Paris
2016 — 3rd edition : Independant New York

Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel)
PYSpostersMercredi ProductionPYS2012
We got given a wild card to produce posters to be shown over a record label fair.
7 posters, digital prints, Cmyk

Underground Resistance ft Yolanda, Your Time Is Up
DHS, House of god
The hacker, Shockwave (Gesaffelstein rex)
Echospace, Empyrean
Savas Pascalidis, Superman
LFO, Freaks
Mister finger, Can you feel it

Presented at Point Éphémère, F - Paris

Groupe CCC : Alice Gavin + Valentin Bigel
Talebot is a digital interface that introduces people through topics.
Talebot adds an interactive layer to any context in public space.
While internet has multiplied relationships, Talebot activates ressources from reality and gives a chance to who’s around in situations that could be enhanced by someone you don’t know yet.
For people curious to see what a more informed texture of reality can produce.

Despite designing it, we have participated in questioning the whole idea of what it means to create an other social tool and to hijack our habits towards internet uses.

Next related event : Talebot in Residency at MSU The Broad, The Liquid Ring (May 2019) an invitation by Leslie Veisse supported by M-O Wahler.

Groupe CCC (Valentin Bigel + Alice Gavin + Pierre Garnier)
David Apheceix
Groupe CCCfontStudioGroupe CCC2013
2013 — 1st edition : self-commissioned
2015 — 2nd edition : extended Czech version

Design by Groupe CCC (Alice Gavin + Valentin Bigel) as studio manifesto.