creative studio
Alice Gavin + Valentin Bigel
22, rue Muller F 75018 Paris
Alice Gavin + Valentin Bigel
Groupe CCC is a creative design studio — a group of friends as well as a group of work seeking new forms of collaborations. The studio is based in Paris and operates on the internet.

Groupe CCC loves working with artists and shows particular interest in art, music and fashion as they are the obvious environment for experimental design outcomes. Groupe CCC also develops a reflexive intersectional approach such as the theorical aspect of design, internet ressources, as well as breaking barriers between digital and print and seeks forms of innovation.
Groupe CCC accompagny people through the process of finding visual solutions. It conceives sur-mesure projects ranging from visual identities to designing books, website, fonts, campaigns, images at large.

The office is located 22, rue Muller F-75018 down le Sacré Cœur in Paris.